Company: F. VALENZUELA S.L – Swift code: B-14202840 –Address: C/ARROYO DE SAN LORENZO, 13 – Postal code: 14002, Córdoba – phone: 957484743 – mail address:

In the name of the company we use the information given with the purpose of offering demanded services and invoices to customers. Data given will be registered as long as the commercial relationship was active or for the required time to solve legal matters.

The person interested has been informed of this treatment, being responsible of the true of those facts and the changes which can be suffered in the future. In regards with the legitimization of the treatment, it will be regulated by RD 1619/2012, November 30, approving the Regulation regulating the billing obligations the company, could give data to a third part, tax administration, banks, other companies, organizations or people directly involve with this matter.

If you prefer, you could get in contact with the company so that data could be modified, deleted or moved or you could also forbidden their use. Otherwise, if you want to offer the data no longer, you will have the right to write a complaint to the Spanish Agency of data protection.

The data characteristics are identifying data, personal characteristics, trade information, economical data, good and service movements. Potential private data is not used.  The origin of this data comes from the person interested in our products and/or his/her lawyer. Clients will be the main interested in this fact.